4 Best Yoga Poses For A Couple To Build Trust

Yoga Poses For A Couple

If you are married or in a relationship, you have to find different ways to connect with each other and build trust. You can do the basic dinner and dates but building intimacy and trust require more than that. The best way to connect with your partner is through a couple’s yoga. The yoga poses for a couple need communication and deeper connection. There are some yoga poses for a couple that will help you and your partner to connect on a different level. You have to look for certain things while you choose the yoga poses as a couple.

These yoga poses help you to communicate physically, mentally, and spiritually without any words. You can stare deep into your partner’s soul with the help of these yoga poses. Here is a list of the poses that you have to try with your partner to reach the ultimate level of trust and understanding.

Seated Centering

Best Yoga Poses For A Couple
Best Yoga Poses For A Couple

This is the first step to your yoga practice and it will help you come in sync with your environment. All you have to do is sit cross-legged and face your partner. You have to place your hands on the knees of your partner and stare into their eyes to see who they really are. If you feel uncomfortable while sitting in this pose, you can take a towel or a pillow to be more comfortable. In the hectic life, we forget to see our partner truly and this exercise allows you to see into their soul.

Seated Cat-Cow

These are two yoga poses that are often paired together. This pose allows you to stretch your core, back, and hip muscles so that you can relax. You also have to expand your chest and lungs during this exercise so make sure that you take deep breaths. In this pose, you have to reach for the forearms of the other person and release your shoulders downwards. You also have to expand your chest so that you create an arc in your back. This pose will develop intimacy and trust as you depend on your partner for support.

Back-To-Back Chair Pose

Top Yoga Poses For A Couple
Top Yoga Poses For A Couple

This is the perfect pose if you are beginning your yoga as a couple as you will need each other’s support for this pose. For this pose, you have to stand with your backs joined as you walk you feet hip width apart. After you are done, you have to bend your knees to an angle of ninety degrees and make a chair from your body. You have to keep this pose and take five to six deep breathhs.

Seated Forward Backbend

You can stretch your back muscles with the pose and it requires the support of your partner. All you have to do is sit with your legs extended while you are back to back with your partner. The other partner folds his knees and then puts his feet firmly on the ground. Then he leans back on the other partner’s back making the partner bend until his back is stretched. You have to take some deep breaths and then come back and again and repeat this pose.


These are some of the best yoga poses for a couple to help them build their intimacy and trust. You can do these yoga poses regularly so that you can maintain the understanding and communication. With these poses, you can also discover new things about your partner which is very beneficial in the long run.

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