4 Facts To Know About Integrative Yoga Therapy

integrative yoga therapy

Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) is not just a practice of yoga in terms of healing your body, it is also a means to heal your soul. As said by the founder Joseph Le Page, it is not a method in which you can communicate with the client and teach them yoga, it is a means to understand different parts and functioning of your body. It is an effective tool in making people understand the need of their body and modify the yoga asanas for their benefit. 

Everything To Know About Integrative Yoga Therapy

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Integrative yoga therapy allows you to combine all the major and powerful forms of yoga to help people in a therapeutic class. People need to perform the integrated form of these asanas to heal every ailment that they might be battling with. In this way, you will get holistic benefits from each type of yoga and that will help you in healing your soul. 

Goals Of Integrative Yoga Therapy

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The IYT works to help people all over the world to have a focused attention and to get rid of any distraction that the mind is forcing you to indulge in. The guidance and expert advice are helpful in creating a learning environment for people to understand the benefits of yoga. It doesn’t just focus on one part, it makes you aware of your whole body sensations and helps you heal better. The therapeutic yoga class focuses on the overall healing process stressing importance on basic yoga asana that includes meditation. 

The Vision

Stress is a factor that affects most of the people in the world whether they are driven by household responsibilities or work load. Each one of you needs to implement some practices in daily life that would help you have a wider and positive perception. The impact that will cause to the mass by Integrative yoga therapy just does not limit itself to the yoga class. The patrons of IYT have taken appropriate initiatives in spreading positivity in schools, colleges, work places, etc. that would help in healing a lot of people who are under stress. 

The Psychological Overview Of IYT

It is very important to understand the philosophy and psychology of yoga to derive utmost help from it. Yoga is not just a moment that you practice relaxation, rather spreading positivity. To ensure you are devoid of your negative thoughts and energy, you need to understand the psychological process involved in it. If you understand the psychology of a particular asana and how it impacts your holistic health, you will heal better. The integrative yoga therapy will guide you in giving expert advice on all the mudras, pranayam, and asanas, stressing on their importance in your daily life. 


These are some of the facts that you need to understand about the IYT in order to heal your soul. Understanding the facts about yoga is age-old and if you want to relax your mind and body, you need to work towards it consistently. 

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