5 Best Yoga Types Of Meditation To Know About

Yoga Types Of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient tradition that promotes inner strength and harmony to help you live well. Although meditation is associated with many religions, the practice finds its roots in achieving deep consciousness, finding awareness, and gaining peace. There are some yoga types of meditation that you will like. Here is a list of the yoga types of meditation that you will love to do every day! You should know some effective ways of doing yoga and meditation so that you can practice these in the perfect way.

These days with the increase in stress, people are moving towards meditation to calm themselves. With the increase in mental health issues, the world is looking towards meditation to solve their problems. This practice allows you to reflect within yourself and find peace in your own being. There is no right way to wrong way to meditate but you have to see which meditation is the best for you.

Mindfulness Meditation

Best Yoga Types Of Meditation
Best Yoga Types Of Meditation

This meditation originates from Buddhist culture and is widely practiced in the West. In this meditation, you allow your thoughts to occur in your mind. You do not judge these thoughts and you do not react to them either. This meditation mixes up your concentration with awareness. You can focus on your breath or an object while you let the sensation pass through your body, thoughts pass through your mind, and experience any feelings. This meditation is perfect if there is nobody to teach you as it is practiced alone.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is common in Hinduism and Daoism, and Christianity. In this meditation, you reflect on the silence and try to connect with the bigger power or God. You can practice at home or in the place of worship. This meditation is suitable for people who thrive when they are silent and seek spirituality.

Focused Meditation

Top Yoga Types Of Meditation
Top Yoga Types Of Meditation

Focused meditation involves focusing on any of the five senses of the body. You can focus on your breath, or inner feelings and emotions. This meditation might seem easy but in reality, it is difficult especially for beginners. They can only focus for a few minutes at the start and if their mind loses concentration it is a difficult task to refocus. Also, you can take beads, listen to a gong, or focus on a candle flame if you want to meditate well.

Movement Meditation

People mistake this kind of meditation for yoga as this thrives on movement. You can do gentle motions like walking through a garden, gardening, or other things in this one. This is a good one for you if you love movement and your mind loves to wander. In this meditation, it is your movement that guides your inner peace.

Mantra Meditation

In the mantra meditation, you use repetitive sound to free your mind from any thoughts. The sound that you recite can be a word, a phrase, or simply a sound. This meditation is widely practiced in Hinduism and Buddhism. After you chant the mantra, you will feel more lively and in tune with your surroundings. This is a good practice for people who do not appreciate silence and love reciting words.


Meditation is a great way for you to calm yourself and free yourself from the problems of daily life. It helps your mind feel light and soothes the soul You will breathe better after you practice meditation every day. So, meditate and be happy because you deserve it and you have the right to laugh and thrive!

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