6 Most Popular Types Of Yoga For Maintaining A Good Health

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 In this era of the digital world, it is necessary to create a balance between one’s mind and body. Yoga is one of the effective methods with which you can easily achieve the balance between mind and body. The actual struggle that people face is to choose the right kind of yoga style which will benefit your health eventually. Yoga not only helps you in maintaining good health but also keeps you stress-free, helps in increasing the flexibility levels, allows you to calm your mind, etc. To keep yourself calm in this super busy life, you must start with yoga. Below, you will find some of the most popular types of yoga that can help you in maintaining good health. 

Most Popular Types Of Yoga To Lead A Healthy And Prosperous Life

Hatha Yoga

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This style of yoga is one of the most popular types of yoga that helps us to get aid from physical, environmental, and spiritual pain. It includes many mudras which are not very difficult to do and you can do them easily by following the proper guidelines. Practicing the breathing pattern is also included which will enhance your sleeping pattern. By doing this hatha yoga posture, you will soon feel calm and relaxed. 

Hot Yoga

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This yoga style is also known as BIKRAM YOGA. It is practiced in a hot and moist environment precisely at 105°F. This yoga posture enhances balance, increases the strength of the lower and upper back. It is also beneficial in burning calories and improving flexibility which further helps you in weight loss.

Ashtanga Yoga

This style of yoga is very infamous as well as challenging. Your workout will be intense and sweaty. It helps us to connect our breathing style with our body. It helps in weight loss and keeps our minds neutral. This style of yoga is best for those who want a healthy and strong workout. It will keep your body in shape and fit.

Bhakti Yoga

The most popular type of yoga among bhaktas is this style where one can achieve salvation by praying and chanting mantras. The ultimate goal is to seek god’s love and care. To develop a feeling of unconditional love and calmness, this is the best type of yoga. Bhakti yoga is an easy yoga type to perform but it asks you to be more focussed while performing the yoga type. It is said that by doing this yoga one can have the PRAPTI OF MOKSHA.

Karma Yoga

This yoga states that one should accomplish their tasks without the involvement of ego and attachment. This yoga posture is best because you will start prioritizing your priority. You will be having less ego and your expectations will be in your control. You will be a free soul who will not only help yourself but others too. You just need to make a to-do list and start working on it.

Power Yoga

For a person who wants to remain fit, power yoga is one of the best types of yoga. This is the branch of ashtanga yoga. You will be feeling stress-free. You will see a major increase in your stamina as well as strength levels. It reveals identical qualities as ashtanga yoga. This yoga is practiced worldwide as its results are very good. It will keep your mind and body fresh.


All of the yoga types are useful and helpful but the types which are mentioned above are some most popular types of yoga. Every yoga posture has its own challenge. It depends on you which you will do best and which will suit your body type. Yoga is something that can be done at home also. No need to go out and pay a sum of money. You can also do it by watching the tutorials. 

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