7 Best Aerial Yoga Accessories

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Aerial yoga is not only a very hip and enhanced way of yoga, but it also is a lot of fun. Though you may find it tough initially, but once you ease into it, you will love to feel suspended in the air on a yoga hammock and just perform the asanas.

1. Yoga Swing Hanging Ladder

Why stop at a hammock, swing or trapeze when you can have a hanging ladder?! Use this ladder with your existing hardware and rigging to expand on the versatility of your aerial yoga skills. You can use the rungs on the hanging ladder to make some really cool shapes.

2. Yoga Swing Cushion Insert

If you need some extra padding and comfort in your yoga swing to perform more advanced poses, try a cushion insert for your swing. These cushion inserts are a very simple design, you slide the cushion length-ways into your swing, fold it over at the sides and you’re ready to comfortably swing!

3. Yoga Wheel

The Yoga Wheel is the ultimate apparatus for anyone trying to improve their back bends. There’s also loads of other poses and stretches you can perform using the Yoga Wheel.

4. Portable Neck Traction Device

Need a neck adjustment when you’re out and about? Look no further! Neck pain is the root cause of millions of headaches and migraines every day. It’s not the only cause of headaches, but it is a big contributor! Having access to a chiropractor or aerial yoga swing can help – but they’re not always available on demand if you’re out and about at work, etc. This portable device allows you to adjust and stretch your neck. You can use it at home, when travelling or at work.

5. Deep Tissue Massage Balls

If you gravitated towards aerial yoga to help your aches and pains – these deep tissue massage balls are perfect for you! In fact, they’re perfect for anyone who suffers with neck or pack pain, aching muscles anywhere on your body, tension, stress or soreness after exercise. The difference with these  massage balls is that these are stronger and more  durable than cheaper alternatives. They’re the perfect amount of friction vs firmness that you need for a pain and stress relieving self-massage!

6. Handstand Canes

To take your yoga workout to the next level – these handstand canes are the ultimate balancing apparatus! Equipment like this was previously reserved for acrobats, circus performers and gymnasts – but not any more!

7. Yoga Straps

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You can use these yoga straps on their own or in combination with your yoga swing. They’re a great stretching aid for both traditional mat yoga and aerial yoga practitioners.

What’s more, they’re inexpensive, easy to use and highly portable meaning you can get your extreme stretching fix when you’re out and about or travelling! A must have for any yogi.

These are some great aerial yoga accessories that you can purchase and reach the next level in this physical activity

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