A-Frame And Hammock Yoga Accessories Is Indispensable For Healing With Light Exercise

aerial yoga accessories

There are a number of different types of Aerial Yoga accessories. Like any other kind of fitness equipment, you will need to choose the best ones that compliment your practice and will be safe for your body. These accessories include but are not limited to: ropes, blocks, yoga straps, ropes again, bolsters, yoga blocks, yoga tapes and yoga posters. Most of these accessories are designed to assist in practicing different styles of yoga that may be suitable for different ages. Some may also assist in different styles of Ashtanga yoga or power yoga.

Rope Yoga:

A close up of a rope

 This is the most commonly used aerial yoga accessory that has come from India. Similar in style and design to other types of yoga like Hatha and Vinyasa, rope yoga aims to build strength, balance and flexibility in the body. A rope is usually tied around the body with free ends hanging at different heights making it easy for the beginner to start out with. Ropes can be quite cheap at local gym equipment or even around the block in your backyard. It can also be practiced at home with a yoga mat or without one at all. Similar to other types of yoga, rope yoga is a great way to relax on a silky soft towel while you stretch out and get your groove on.

Yoga Blocks: 

A close up yoga set

They are another common accessory that provide an excellent means of practicing the ropes and other accessories. Practicing with an aerial yoga set, blocks can be placed around the room or around the practice area for a more meditative and relaxing effect. They provide a comfortable place for one to rest and stretch out for a yoga session. They are available in different sizes and colors to fit in with any color scheme. They also help to create a safe place for babies to sleep in and provides an added level of comfort for the older sibling to use.

X Poles: 

Often overlooked, the x pole a-frame is an essential accessory for most any aerial yoga set. Often used for tying-in the practicing area and mat, the x pole is a helpful tool that can make the process much easier and faster. There are many types of x Poles available. Some are made of lightweight aluminum tubing, while others are large and cumbersome.

Support Beams: 

Another essential of any yoga accessory, the support beam is useful for all levels of practice and provides a level of comfort and safety. A support beam will help to keep you balanced while you are performing various poses. The support beam comes in many shapes and forms. Commonly seen as a free-standing frame, a support beam is often hung from between two trees, walls or other obstacles to give the practitioner a comfy place to practice. There are many different styles of support beams including the trapeze.


The trapeze is a unique piece of aerial yoga equipment that was originally designed for circus performers. In addition to its use as a balancing apparatus, the trapeze has also been used for climbing. The trapeze is constructed from two poles and is hung from either side of the a-frame, to enable it to swing in a circular motion. A rope or chain is usually tied to one end of the trapeze for balance.

Aerial Yoga Hammocks

 Much like the x pole a-frame, the aerial yoga hammock is an essential item for any yoga instructor’s studio. They provide comfort and a way to prop up the practitioner when performing poses. The benefits of using an aerial yoga hammock include providing support and allowing proper alignment. Many teachers use the hanging of a hammock as a means of training students to properly position their bodies in alignment.

Bottom Line

The next time you’re looking for an interesting new piece of yoga equipment for your a-frame, look no further than the wonderful assortment of aerial yoga accessories currently available. These versatile pieces of equipment will allow even the most seasoned yogi to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives. And for the beginner, these accessories are just what you need to get started. Take the time to explore the wide variety of possibilities available today. Your yoga class will be more fun than ever!

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