Are You Aware Of Bhakti Yoga And Its Ultimate benefits?

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Bhakti yoga is also called bhakti marge. In Hindu religion Book Bhagavad Geeta, it is referred to as devotion, dedication, and surrender. People who believe in God considered understanding the importance of this type of yoga. For this yoga, people choose a calm and peaceful place because, in this type of place, there would be no distraction and disturbance.

Bhakti word comes from the root bhaj, which means “To adore or worship of God.” Also, It is a personal emotion or relation with God.

What are the forms of Bhakti Yoga?

Are You Aware Of Bhakti Yoga And Its Ultimate benefits?
Are You Aware Of Bhakti Yoga And Its Ultimate benefits?

Generally, Bhakti yoga has six types. The types of this yoga are decided based on the numbers of god a devotee can devote.

  • Para and Apara Bhakti
  • Vidhi and Ragatmika Bhakti
  • Vyabhichari and Vyabhicharini bhakti
  • Nishkamya and Sakamya Bhakti
  • Gauna and Mukhya Bhakti
  • Tamasic, Rajasic, and Sattvic bhakti

A Brief History Of Bhakti Yoga

One of the best examples of Bhakti Yogi was of the 12th century when a girl named Akka Mahadevi became a devotee of Lord Shiva instead of getting addicted to childhood fun and games. She gave up all the luxury and money for Shiva. 

Due to some circumstances, she tied the knot with a king. However, later she observed that her unconditional love and dedication for lord shiva surpassed mortal love. Thus, she broke her marriage with her husband and escaped from the place. She devoted the rest of her life to Lord Shiva, chanting his praises around India as a saint. She is a part of the Bhakti Yoga, which is a reaction to a great initiative to self-realization. 

From there, the bhakti yogi started. Just like her, there are people after living life, people choose to find their inner selves. In such a case, Bhakti yoga does you a lot of favor.

Need of bhakti-yoga

Are You Aware Of Bhakti Yoga And Its Ultimate benefits?
Are You Aware Of Bhakti Yoga And Its Ultimate benefits?

People get very busy in their daily life nowadays, and they do not give priority to their physical and mental health. They are getting very close to modern technologies and living far from blood relations. 

No doubt, modern technology is a beneficial thing, but if we use it on a large scale, then be ready to face some mental as well as a physical problem. So, meditation and yoga is the way by which we can make our health and psychological situation balanced. 

Bhakti Yoga Benefits

  • It gives us knowledge and calmness
  • Reduces pain
  • Make the mind peaceful
  • Takes away fear and worry


A devotee’s target is to serve the god, and they do the work for the public good without any greed. They enjoy their life with worship and performing Yoga.

It expresses the religion of any particular human being. It is one of the best ways to worship any god. Also, people do this to keep their mind calm and peaceful, if we try to reach ultimate satisfaction using our emotions than it is called Bhakti yoga, and it is the path of devotion.

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