Beginner Yoga Poses You Should Learn For Strength And Flexibility

beginner yoga poses

It is said that yoga is the slow transformation method and a boring path for body development. Still, the truth is yoga is the most effective method. It excessively pressures on the breath, which increases the efficiency of the lungs and extends the lifespan. Yoga is the only permanent transformation method for the body. Here are a few beginner yoga poses for you to start your path towards yoga.

Beginner Yoga Poses

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Tadasana- This is the best among beginner yoga poses. This asana teaches you to balance your body on toes. It includes many muscles that are stretched. This increases concentration. For this pose, you have first to place your foot a bit apart from each other and slowly raise your ankle and balance your body on toes, now raise your hand straight above your head, concentrating that all your body parts should be aligned straight, and breathe slowly.

Adho Mukho Svanasana- In this yoga pose, additional blood circulation flow to your head takes place, your spine strengthens. This is one of the weight loss exercises from beginner yoga poses. For this, you have first to bend your front making a mountain shape by placing our hands on the mat and bend your head downwards, now tighten your waist and lift it, forming a complete mountain with your waist at the top bent, press your foot across the ground.

Bhujangasana- In this yoga pose, you will be crushing your spine by strengthening your lower back muscles and increasing your inhalation. In this pose, you have to lie on the floor with your stomach touching the floor and legs placed together, now place your palms beside your chest and bring complete strength into your palms and raise your chest in the upward direction by keeping your elbows straight, pressure on both the palms must be equal, you can feel your belly nerves being pressurized. It is best among other beginner yoga poses to lose belly fat.

Benefits And Tips

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The best time for beginner yoga poses is in the morning and should be done on an empty stomach.

If you are a beginner doing yoga for 20-30 minutes will be enough, and you should increase the time gradually according to your comfort levels.

Please do yoga in an open place with fresh air.

Yoga is the best way to detox your body and improve your cardio, lungs functionality, and blood circulation increases, which provides more oxygen to the brain.

Yoga is not a physically effective exercise but gives better results for weight loss.

Many different yoga asanas are used to cure many diseases like knee pains, inhalation problems, menstrual cycle issues, etc.

Honorable Mention In Beginner Yoga Poses

Chakravakasana- This is the best of the beginner yoga poses which cure neck pain, shoulder pain. In this asana, both the spinal extension and spinal contraction are done simultaneously due to the back, and forth movement of the backbone warms up the body. For this pose, you have to sit on your knees with your palms placed 2.5 feet in front of your knees, forming a stable position with your spine at the top, now push your backbone upward, which is expansion by inhaling and then pull your spine downwards which is contraction by exhaling.


Adapting yoga in your daily life itself gives your body and mind a good workout, strengthening yourself from within. Yoga indulges self-confidence too. So daily yoga is a good practice to safeguard your life for the long term.

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