Best Aerial Yoga Accessories

aerial yoga accessories

Yoga hammocks and swings are used for aerial yoga. It is the latest trend in fitness currently. When you see the pictures of people performing aerial yoga on the internet, it does feel like a very gorgeous form of exercise. You execute various gravity-defying poses by hanging in a cloth hung from the ceiling. These are not as hard as they look like and one does not have to be an acrobatic pro to perform these.

You need to get into a silky sling-like hammock hung from the ceiling. This cloth hammock will support your entire body weight. You will perform various anti-gravity poses inside the fabric. They also managed to lose two percent of body fat. This is a moderate-intensity workout that can also get more rigorous. So, if you want to indulge in a different form of workout that not only helps you burn fat, but also makes you feel aligned with the fitness fad, then this aerial yoga is for you. Here is a list of the best aerial yoga accessories.

Aerial Silk Yoga Hammock

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This is a premium aerial silk fabric hammock for your yoga sessions. It is perfect for its high-quality materials which helps beginners, Pilates and yoga practitioners perform confidently. Get this one in various colors such as Black, Blue, Burgundy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red. The aerial hammock is 5 meters in length and is made of 100% nylon and silk material. You also get 2 carabiners with the hammock.

UpCircleSeven Inversion Yoga Swing

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This device is currently one of the best yoga swings. It was first invented in 2016. There are a parachute and a rope in the swing that are quite sturdy. This swing gives you a lot of support for various Aerial yoga poses. It can withstand a capacity of 550 pounds. The handles are quite large and foam-padded. The swing is very comfortable. There are two extension straps in there and a printed guide for those who are taking anti-gravity classes for the first time. This one is the best one right now but is also quite costly.

Wellsem Pilates Yoga Swing Aerial Yoga Hammock

This nylon hammock can hold up to 2000 pounds. It is also very costly. This yoga swing comes with 5.5 yards x 3 yards of silk fabric. It can stretch very well. You also get daisy chains and carabiners for hanging. This company also offers fashionable colored options. You can choose from 12 shades including a royal gold, lime green and silver. The only issue with this brand is that they don’t give very good instructions and so, one has to depend upon Google to get information on usage.

AGPtEK Aerial Yoga Hammock Inversion Swing

This anti-gravity yoga swing is made from polyester taffeta material. It measures 7 x 5 feet. It can load up to 300 kg. It is a sturdy swing that can support any bodyweight for performing yoga. Its cost is less than other brands. You also do not get ceiling mounts. The best part is that this yoga hammock can be folded into a small pouch and stored. It is also portable.

You can choose from any of the above aerial yoga accessories.

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