Choosing the Best Yoga Mats For You

best yoga mats

There are many different types of yoga mats on the market today, each claiming to be the best yoga mats you can buy. They come in many sizes, colors, and textures. Which one will work best for you? This article is going to talk about yoga mats, how they work, and some tips on what to look for when buying the best yoga mats for you. So let’s get started!

A Simple Cotton Mat Is Enough To Keep Your Joints Comfortable

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What makes the best yoga mats? Well, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you just want something to wipe up when practicing, then a simple cotton mat would be fine. Today’s best yoga mats come with a lot more padding, enough to keep your joints comfortable without disturbing your balance, slip-resistant grip (especially helpful when things get wet), and a soft material that will see you through hundreds of countless poses.

Yoga mats with traction are usually a little bit thicker, because they need a little extra support. Unfortunately, yoga practitioners are also a little bit heavier, so the thicker mats will definitely need a bit more support to keep them from slipping and injuring themselves. Some instructors might recommend a layer of polyurethane between the grip and the skin, to increase traction. The problem with this, though, is that the thicker the layer of polyurethane, the harder it is to flex your hands without making them sore.

A Non


A non-slip yoga mat is easier to move around, and you can also exercise your muscles without worrying that you will leave your postures behind. Most of the non-slip mats are made of a thick plastic, and come in various thicknesses. You will find a four-inch thickness to be the most comfortable, as you can easily carry them around if you need to practice on them anywhere. This is usually good for students who need to carry their mat wherever they go. There is a carrying strap on these types of mats that will help you carry them, but it will still be easier for you to do without a carrying strap than if you had one on a thick five-inch thickness.

A six.2 millimeters thick PVC mat is heavy enough to stay put when you are practicing, but light enough that you can easily move it around. This makes it the ideal choice for students who want to continue practicing on their floor, even after using a class. One problem that some people experience when they use this kind of yoga mat is that they sometimes notice their feet slipping out of position. Since this mat is thick, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. You will also want to buy a new pad for each time that you are practicing, especially if you have kids.

A Durable Floor Covering Mat Made Of Rubber

A durable floor covering made of rubber is also available. Some of these mats are also called “yoga blankets” because they provide you with a soft, comfortable blanket underneath while you are practicing and stretching. There is a lifetime guarantee on these yoga blankets, which is pretty nice since most blankets have no lifetime guarantee. You will need about five to six yards of blanket for each person in your class, so make sure that you don’t get too much, or else the blankets won’t be able to provide adequate seating. Many of these blankets will be available at any local drug store.

Finally, there are yoga instructors who prefer the use of mats that are a little bit thicker. These yoga instructors may find that the traditional two and half inch thick Yoga mats are not providing enough cushioning for their bodies. These thicker mats are called “wirecutter mats”, and they are generally made from one and half inch thick high quality polyethylene plastic material.

Summing Up

Wirecutter mats will provide more padding, but they also have the added benefit of being more durable, which means that they will last longer than thinner mats. The thicker material is also more resistant to wear and tear than the average two and half inch thick Yoga mat. With these benefits, many instructors prefer the heavier, higher-quality Wirecutter yoga mats for their classes. Whatever type of Yoga mat you choose, you will want to be sure to choose one that is comfortable, flexible, sturdy, and easy to clean.

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