Everything about a yoga studio

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Here are 9 things they’d rather you didn’t do at yoga.

1. Don’t wear cologne or perfume

It’s impossible to meditate or relax if you smell like you rolled around in a bottle of Obsession for Men.

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2. Don’t wear too much make-up

If the class is hot and it melts off your face, no one wants to see it all over their mat after Savasana. Sweaty make-up is gross, but so is ghost face when it’s time to roll up your mat.

3. Don’t bring in a wet towel from the outside

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If your sweat-soaked gym towel smells like an Abercrombie & Fitch store, you have no business bringing that into the yoga studio. Find a way to wring it out in the bathroom sink before class.

4. Don’t wear your baby in a carrier to yoga class

It’s very distracting when you’re trying to focus on not falling over and someone else is moving around, struggling with their infant who doesn’t want to be there anyway…not to mention the fact that babies are supposed to be in bed by 6 pm.

5. Don’t complain about your past injuries or how difficult it is to get into a pose

No one wants to hear it, and yogis know better than anyone that you have to live with your past indiscretions – literally, so don’t rub your former bad behavior in everyone’s faces. It isn’t funny – you’re just annoying people with your lack of perspective.

6. Don’t complain about the temperature of the studio:

The music, or anything else for that matter. If you can dish it out, expect to receive it back tenfold. If you can’t handle it after all, then you know what to do.

7. Don’t come late to class or try to sneak in at the end

Please don’t leave people hanging when they are waiting for you to start class with them. It’s not okay, and no one thinks that represents proper yoga etiquette in any way, shape, or form.

8. Don’t chat with your neighbor during Savasana

Even if you’re sleepy and it’s boring, do not attempt to start up any conversations in Savasana. You’ll either ruin someone else’s relaxation zone or get in trouble since the instructor is trying to teach a class…and anyone who’s ever taken yoga knows that the instructor rules the practice.

9. Don’t show up to class hungover or high on pot (or anything else)

It may seem like a good idea since you’re relaxed during Savasana…but it isn’t. It makes practicing very difficult because you won’t be able to stay still or relax if you’re inebriated. And no one wants to practice with a stoner either.


Just remember, it’s all about respect and consideration when you step foot onto the yoga mat – it’s time to leave your ego at the door and enjoy yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

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