Everything That You Need To Know About Yoga Tuneup Therapy Balls

yoga tuneup therapy balls

The life we sustain each day is tremendously exhausting. After a work full of day, all you need is a hot cup of coffee and your favorite show. But this lifestyle will end up giving you stiff muscles for sure, and as you grow you will end up having several muscle-related issues. So, what is the most prominent yet invisible solution to the problem? Well, have you heard about yoga tuneup therapy balls? If not then this blog gets you covered. 

What Are Yoga Tuneup Therapy Balls? Let’s Find Out

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The therapy balls are designed to deliver maximum relaxation along with benefits to your joints and soft tissues. These tiny balls look not only adorable but are very much portable to carry while you travel. After a robust touring day, use the therapy balls to get rid of the tiresome adventuresome cramps that you invited lately.

The soft therapy tools penetrate to your muscles just the perfect range to give you an amazing time. Going deep into the high tension areas gently gets rids of all the stress, that portion of the body has succumbed to. But make sure that you don’t ‘squish’ since it can invulnerably damage the nerves. 

More On The Yoga Tuneup Therapy Balls

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You can find that there are three available sizes of this therapy tool. Well, the ‘Original’ size is the tiniest of the lot. It delivers you a ‘thumb in’ workout and it acts against the tissues. Talking about the next size, the ball offers pressure resembling that of an elbow. The ball comes with the ‘Plus’ name. The largest of the tools is called ‘Alpha’ that works similarly to a fist. 

In addition, the fourth size is slightly of a different variant. This ball is called ‘Courageous’ which is a 10” in diameter inflatable ball. This too comes in a  grippy pliable material. However, the density varies on the range of inflation. 

What Are The Ways To Use The Yoga Tuneup Therapy Balls?

  • Use It To Stimulate Lower Back Relief: 

Place the yoga tuneup therapy balls on the left side of your lower back. Make sure that the top of your crest along with the other ball, is placed near the medial, i.e towards the spine however not touching the spine. It will help_you with your lower_back pain. If you feel that there is a slight need for pressure, you can add movement to the exercise, by dropping both knees to the left. 

  • Use It For Thigh And Knee Relief:

You have to lie on your left side, then stack up the yoga tune-up therapy balls along the side of your thigh bone. Make sure that the balls are placed inside the right side of your inner thigh. Place your weight on the balls. Now place your head up against the left hand. Inhale and exhale and straighten your knee and bend it. Do the exercise for around 7-8 mins. Ensure that you practice the same for your lower thigh as well.


Well, this is everything that you need to know about yoga tuneup therapy balls. From sizes to functionality, everything is listed here. However, if you want to get a solid grip on the same, talk to a professional. They will give you a thorough insight into using the yoga tuneup therapy balls in all other possible methods for a healthy change. 

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