Hatha Yoga Poses- Things To Try

hatha yoga poses

Do you want to indulge in the dimension of yoga? If that is the case then you would want to invest in a special kind of yoga known as hatha yoga. It is a term for physical posture that is usually taught in the west. Most of the studios used this term to describe the classes at the beginner level and any beginner Yogi can learn the basics. Hatha yoga poses will teach you balance and breathing techniques and it will also increase your flexibility. It is an important thing to understand that ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘tha’ means moon. With the help of this yoga technique, you will be able to bring optimum balance to your masculine and feminine side as well as bring a sense of calm and patience. Here are some of the best poses for you to follow and you can also know about the benefits.

Benefits of the Hatha Yoga Poses-Hatha Yoga Poses

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Many people try to take up yoga because they want to have stress relief and it is a very effective mechanism. It helps in reducing the hormone known as cortisol and you can get relief from tension in the body. Along with Hatha yoga poses you can also try breathing techniques like the pranayama. It will help in strengthening your body as well as creating lean muscle mass. If you want to get relief from the joint pain the Hatha yoga poses will help you by lubricating it. Building a strong foundation for yoga is important so that you can have more ability and flexibility.

Tadasana-Hatha Yoga Poses

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This is a standing pose which is also named the mountain pose. You have to stand with your legs hip-width apart and your hands should be beside your body. The palms of your hands should be facing outwards and not inwards. It will make sure that your weight is evenly distributed and you should inhale when you are putting your hands up above your head. Join the hands in the prayer position and hold the pose for about 60 seconds.


This is also known as tree pose but beforehand you have to start the mountain pose. Then you should shift your weight on one foot and lift the other leg. Let it rest on the inner thigh and your knee should be turned to the side. It is important to keep your pelvis open and then you can breathe deeply in and out. Hold for sometime before you recreate the same pose in the opposite leg.


In English, this is known as the standing forward bend pose and it is one of the best poses for beginners. You will be able to stretch to your fullest and your hamstrings and glutes will stretch to the fullest. It will be best if you can hold the back of your ankles with your hands and it will help you lose weight in your stomach.


It will be easy to try the Hatha yoga poses and gradually you can be a pro at it. There are some other poses that you can try like the downward-facing dog as well as the bridge pose.

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