How to Become a Yoga Instructor With Special Certifications

how to become yoga instructor

Are you a passionate Yoga practitioner who is interested in learning how to become a Yoga teacher? If so, then there are several options available for you. Teaching Yoga is one of the most rewarding career options that you can choose. In this article, I would provide you with an introduction on how to become a Yoga instructor in India.

Yoga Instructor Training and Certifications

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There are numerous schools in India where a suitable student can pursue a Yoga Teacher Training course. The most preferred courses and the most popular yoga schools are mentioned in the following table. This is only a brief overview of the courses that you can undertake once you decide to take up Yoga teaching. You would need to do your individual research to find out which school would best suit your needs.

The first thing that you need to do is find a reputed institution for yoga teacher training. These institutions may be local or international. You should ascertain their credentials and whether they possess the necessary certifications and accreditation. There are several accreditation agencies that accredit schools and instructors throughout the world. Once you find an appropriate school, you should schedule a consultation session with the instructor who is leading the course in order to assess his qualification and skills.

You can join a Yoga teaching association that would help you to achieve your goal of becoming certified. All you have to do is to attend a seminar or workshop organized by the association. Upon completion of the seminar, you would receive a certificate that attests to your teaching experience and would also serve as a proof for your proficiency as a Yoga instructor.

You can also pursue an affiliate program for yoga teaching. This option is not ideal for those who are yet to become yoga instructors. However, if you are already running a thriving career, this would be the best alternative for you. To apply for such an affiliation, you will have to visit the nearest studio. Ask the assistant or studio manager if they are accepting affiliates. They should be willing to provide you with an application form and a fee.

In order to obtain a certification, one has to undergo intensive training in order to pass a test. The test usually involves group discussion, demonstration and recitation of some of the most difficult yoga postures. This course is usually a one month course and is held at various centers spread all over the country. If you have an intense desire to become a Yoga instructor, you could consider taking up Yoga teacher certification course which would help you gain a certification and would also open up many doors for you in terms of job opportunities.

A great advantage of Yoga teacher certification is the fact that it would help you secure promotions at your present job. You could apply for a teaching position at your local community college and ask them if they are accepting new teachers. If you are lucky enough, then they might be accepting new teachers on a temporary basis which would help you save some money during your first few months of teaching at the studio. A one-month course is also a lot of time that can be used up with other things. Therefore, the benefits of getting a certification for teaching yoga teachers outweighs the cost of enrolling for the program.

End Note

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Yoga teacher training can help you improve your skills and enhance your credentials while imparting valuable information about the subject. The information acquired in Yoga teacher training can help you understand the needs of your students and will also help you to teach others effectively. Yoga certification has become very important these days as more people are getting involved in yoga exercises. The certification also acts as an evidence of your expertise and experience in the field of Yoga teaching hence you will have a valid ground for asking for a higher paying job.

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