Kundalini Yoga Poses Exercises For Beginners

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Kundalini yoga isn’t like any other form of yoga you may practice today. Unlike what many western philosophies think, eastern philosophies think that your spiritual pursuit has more to do with how you feel at the moment, with you and your connection to your consciousness. And so Kundalini greatly helps you connect to your consciousness and yourself through a series of various practices (kriyas…or kundalini yoga poses)…

The Meaning Of Kundalini

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The term “kundalini” means breath. It is the breath of life in yoga. The term Kundalini Yoga means the breath that goes with all the activity of our lives. As you learn the various kundalini yoga poses, you will recognize patterns or vibrations of the breath within your body and in the space surrounding you. With this understanding, you will find that the various movements, changes, and deep breathing you are now more familiar with, begin to flow seamlessly, without effort.

Serpentine Pose

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One of the most famous kundalini yoga poses is the serpentine. Serpentine is often included in beginner classes, as it allows for deeper breathing and less conscious focus on moving your body. Because of its proximity to the spine, this pose often creates feelings of heaviness and may feel like a challenge. To ease into the pose, it helps use soothing asanas like the triangle pose or mild crunches.

Shakti Yoga

One of the more popular forms of kundalini yoga, and one that is commonly included in more advanced classes, is Shakti yoga. Shakti yoga aims to awaken energy at the root of the body by focusing on the breath. Classes generally include heavy asanas (stretching and lifting), repetitive chanting of phrases like “Om Shanti Om”, and meditation. While this may seem like a difficult approach to an ancient practice, it does create the opportunity to quiet the mind and bring about internal calm. As the energy awakened begins to transform, so too does the body, including the skin.


Another popular type of kundalini yoga, often used in conjunction with Shakti, is called the Tridentine. The Tridentine idea behind awakening through Shakti is to centre the practitioner’s attention on a point on the body’s centre. This centre is often referred to as the Muladhara Chakra, or Base of Ultimate Bliss. The idea behind awakening through Shakti is to centre the practitioner’s attention on the energy already present in the Chakra, which resembles a serpent.

Find Classes At Local Studios

For many people, the idea behind kundalini yoga has an easier appeal in that it involves the physical aspect of yoga practice. Classes that focus on Shakti and Tridentine can be found at local studios and gyms, and there are even DVDs available to teach kundalini yoga. However, the more ardent yogi can learn kundalini yoga on one’s own through self-study and a good understanding of its spiritual awakening.

Enlightenment Goal

The goal of any form of spiritual practice, be it yoga or anything else, is enlightenment. The practice of kundalini awakening is no different. While the awakening of spiritual energy through the poses themselves can be a very rewarding experience, the real reward comes when the practitioner fully understands the deeper rewards of kundalini awakening. This understanding is not easily achieved but is not an impossible task for a dedicated yogi.

In Conclusion

When starting a new yoga practice, it is best to make sure that you get a good understanding of the underlying spiritual concepts before practising them. A good yoga class, like any good workout routine, should include stretching and muscular development and developing a good diet. However, a good yoga practice should also include breathing techniques that promote overall health and well being. Breathing techniques are especially important when beginning a yoga practice as they help create awareness by focusing on the mind.  

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