Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy the new Buzz Word

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Yoga an ancient practice

Yoga is an ancient practice but the realization of its benefits by people is recent. The Upanishads described Yoga as ‘controlling the body, senses, mind, and intellect’. 

The very root of Yoga is therapeutic as it harmonizes the body and mind through asanas (postures) and breathing. The process of Yoga empowering an individual towards better health, wellness, and relaxation, both physical and mental, through guided practice is Yoga Therapy.

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The Rise of the Phoenix

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy was the brainchild of Michael Lee from Australia who later relocated to the United States. His background in psychology, eastern practices, and yoga led him to construct the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Michael Lee has also authored Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy— A Bridge from Body to Soul and Turn Stress Into Bliss – The Proven 8‑Week Program for Health, Relaxation, and Stress Relief.

What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

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Phoenix the unique bird, which rose from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle, the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a renewed way to live both physical and mental. Our hectic daily schedules and the daily rut of life have left us wanting for peace, simplicity, and deeper meaning to life. We are all the time looking outside while the solution lies within. 

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy focuses on the transformation of an individual by drawing wisdom of the body and empowering all the aspects of ones’ being. The healing is done inside out by blending in classical yoga practices and body-mind psychology. This tends to build a deeper and profound connection with an individuals’ physical and emotional self. Such connections bring about greater self-awareness and with guidance from therapists, one is tuned to listen to the inner voice. 

The session of the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy entails assisted yoga asanas (postures) and a dialogue between the therapist and you. The asanas are exercises that cater to the physical elements of your body. They are stretched, strengthened, and relaxed and prescribed exercises basis the need is given. The dialogue is non-directive. The therapist listens to you, acts as a support, and guides you, like the captain of a ship, through our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Such dialogue is not to fix a problem but to tune the mind. It helps better understanding of self, helps better relate to the mental or emotional stress, and thus releasing the deep rooted beliefs, tensions, stress, and emotions. In the end, it gets you to feel relaxed and alleviate chronic pain or suffering. One can then make better choices, fully feel their emotions, learn, and grow.

The session is one-on-one and generally lasts about an hour or an hour and a half. It generally has 6 parts and draws on the eight limbs of yoga.

Why is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy different from others?

Exploration and Discovery and not Diagnosis to Treatment are what mainly distinguishes Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy from other therapies. You as an individual determine what is happening within your body and life i.e. explore yourself from within and discover what is stopping you, hurting you, etc. Then tuning the mind to understand and accept and then change the course of actions. It is a holistic and integrative approach to yoga therapy.Information can be sought from experts or sites like cause as we move on with life it is always good to take a pause sometime, reflect and look inside.

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