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Power Yoga Facts – History And Benefits

Power Yoga Facts - History And Benefits

Have you heard about the power yoga facts? Any practices to maintain your fitness is a good habit, and the same applies to yogas. The power yoga is a vigorous and fitness-based form of vinyasa yoga. While the conventional forms concentrate more on the mind besides physical fitness, power yoga is more focused on the latter. It was initially modeled based on the Astanga style of yoga, which is another very active and movement-oriented format.

It is a must practice for everyone who is lagging with extra pounds and unwilling to visit the gym floor. Each session lasts for a maximum of 60 – 90 minutes. In this post, we will share in brief all that you must know about this format to practice it with perfection and also about its benefits for the practitioner.

Power Yoga Facts - History And Benefits
Power Yoga Facts – History And Benefits

History of Power Yoga

Power yoga became explicitly famous during the 1990s when the term came up. The naming gets credited to two American yoga teachers who were the students of Astanga guru Sri K. Pattabhi. Power yoga is drastically different from the conventional forms, which are more relaxed and free-flowing than the vigorous movements associated with power yoga. While many traditional yoga teachers dismiss this form of yoga as a gimmick, but one cannot deny the unique benefits that many practitioners have reported compared to the slow progress of conventional styles.

Benefits Of Power Yoga

There are several benefits of power yoga, which make it such a simplified fitness regimen among people looking for quick solutions for drastic weight loss but with side effects.

  • The intense stretching and movement of power yoga help to enhance your stamina and flexibility.
  • Your postures can get corrected extensively, and it even helps with mental abilities such as improving your ability to focus.
  • Like any other physical activity, the power yoga can help you relieve tension by releasing body toxins through your sweat.
  • Lastly, since it is more rigorous compared to other forms of yoga, it burns more calories per session, which is a great help for those who want to get slimmer but not fond of the conventional ways.
Power Yoga Facts - History And Benefits
Power Yoga Facts – History And Benefits

A Few Drawbacks

There are no drawbacks to power yoga as such. But depending on your medical history, you must take some precautions while practicing it:

  • It is a hard and intense form of workout, which is not suitable for everyone- especially if you are not at all into fitness and do not have minimum stamina. Try out something less rigorous to build the strength before trying this.
  • People with chronic muscle and bone ailments or diabetes and blood pressure should avoid this fitness regimen.
  • Power yoga is not suitable if you are looking for a workout for your pregnancy months.

Power yoga is a prevalent form of fitness practice that is gaining popularity by the day. You can easily make your lifestyle healthy with a particular fitness routine. Subscribe to us and get more updates about asanas!

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