Sitting Yoga Poses For Busy Office Goers

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If you are planning to incorporate yoga in your everyday life then you must learn basic yoga postures to feel comfortable and get the best out of it. All you have to do is practice these sitting yoga poses for 15-30 breaths. This way you will free your joints, mobile them and get your muscles ready for class or practice at home. We will not confuse or scare you with loads of poses. Here, we have filtered and picked the best sitting yoga poses for beginners.

Before beginning, you must remember to listen to your body as initially you won’t be able to copy the exact posture. Don’t be disappointed, rather practice everyday to become what you want.

Sitting Yoga Poses For Good Posture

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People often tend to lose their posture as soon as they join office culture. After sitting for 8-10 hours on a chair and working on the computer might give you hunch back and neck pain. There is no alternative to fix it without exercise, but since there is no time you must try sitting yoga poses. This will fix your neck, shoulder and back pain. Also, it is important that you take a break in every 30 minutes to straighten your back and stretch your muscles.

Sitting Yoga Poses To Do In Office

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Whether you are working from home or office, you sit on a chair and work. You can now be seated and still do some yoga poses there itself.

Shoulder Shrugs – you can do this standing/ sitting, however you like hands on waist, shrug your shoulder as much as you can for 45 seconds.

Chest Fly – Elbows in 90 degree angle, pointing up and moving to the side and back. Open up your chest and squeeze your shoulder blade as hard as you can together.again do this for 45 seconds with continuous breathing.

Triangle Fly – similar to the previous exercise but this time hands on head, open your elbows to the side and back. Then squeeze your shoulder blades together pushing your chest out.

Head Tilt – gently pull/tilt your head to one side feeling the stretch on the other side of the neck down to your collarbone. Now do this for 22 seconds on one side then switch to the opposite side.

Back Stretch – Fingers laced together behind your back for each repetition, pull your hands to the back. Squeezing your shoulder blades together and opening your chest up helps the oxygen reach where it is needed.


Before concluding the simple and easy yet effective yoga poses, we would like to list another pose for you. Child’s Pose is the best way to end your workout or relax just like a baby. A lot of people do this pose when they get tired during a workout. This is for everyone from beginners to professionals. Just get into this position when you wish to relax or take a mental break from stress and work.

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