Some Beginner Yoga Poses For 2

yoga poses for 2

Yoga is one of the greatest forms of exercise. It not only helps your body to relax and destress but also helps you find your inner peace and calm. Traditionally solo yoga sessions would be perfect for enhancing your health, but recently a variety of yoga practices where two people practice Yoga together have evolved. This is also popularly known as couples’ Yoga and is a great way to boost communication, build trust and have fun between the two individuals. One should only work out or practice it as long as they feel comfortable about it. Individuals have different bearing levels of flexibility, and going beyond that might lead to injury. So, if one experiences severe pain while performing these yoga poses, one should immediately stop or seek professional advice. Now take hold of a water bottle and your partner to practice Yoga in the correct way. Here are some perfect beginner-friendly Yoga Poses For 2.

Warming Up For Yoga Poses For 2

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With Yoga or any form of exercise, you need to warm your muscles. You should never stretch out cold muscles as this leads to grievous injury. Warming up the muscles also helps them to stretch better. For this, you can simply do 5 to 10 minutes of exercise like heel kicks, jogging, or jumping to get the blood pump all over your body

Easy Yoga poses For 2 People.

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Here are some of the basic Yoga poses suitable for beginners as warm-up poses before moving into the more difficult ones

Partner forward fold

This yoga pose for two stretches the arm strings. For this, you have to sit opposite your partner with both legs wide apart and straightened out in the front. You have to place the soles of your feet against your partner’s feet and take hold of each other’s forearms. You have to then slowly move forward from the hips while the others your partner jointly puts you towards them until you feel a deep scratch in your arms and then hold the pose for a few breaths. Slowly get back to the starting position and then swap over.

Seated Cat-Cow

This couple yoga pose is great for stretching the hips, core, and back and helps up in opening the chest. You have to sit cross-legged opposite to your partner and hold each other’s four arms very carefully by finding equal resistance between your and your partner’s body. Now draw your shoulders back and down. This pose will require communication and sync.

Twin trees

For this pose, you have to stand next to each other from shoulder to shoulder with your feet around hip-width apart. Spread your toes and hold your weight through the whole of your foot. Next, slowly lift the other leg and bend at the knee and place the sole of your foot against the side of your lower leg. If you are comfortable, balance it against the inside of your thigh. Do not press your foot against your knees, as this will put unnecessary pressure on the joint.

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