The Best Types of Yoga Asanas For Beginners

types of yoga asanas

The ancient practice of types of yoga asanas gives a wide array of body and mind benefits, including physical health, relaxation, stress management, and even natural cure for several illnesses. Yoga is about stretching the entire body in various postures and breathing intensely. It aims at improving the state of the ‘yoga’ muscles, nerves, and glands, which are connected with multiple aspects of human activity. It can be practiced by people of all ages and that too very easily and without much difficulty. Most people who practice it can achieve excellent results within a brief period.

Different Yoga Poses

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There are several kinds of yoga poses, which one must learn for practicing this science of life. These may include the headstand, the shoulder stand, the child pose, mountain pose, half-moon, power pose, and many more. All these poses help one to achieve balance and proper spinal alignment. One must practice them with care and caution because the risk of hurting ones’ muscles and joints dramatically depends on the type of practice one adopts. If one assumes the wrong way, they can easily injure the spine and the surrounding tissues.


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The headstand is among the main types of yoga asanas, which align the entire body, especially the spine and the neck. This is important, as the range supports the whole weight of our body. Hence, if the spine is not in alignment, our head cannot be adequately held, resulting in several disorders. Thus, to bring our chair back in its original position, we must stretch it with the help of this pose.

Neck And Shoulder Stands

Neck and shoulder stands are among the basic yoga asanas, which help to strengthen our neck muscles. This helps to reduce headaches, which are quite common when the neck is weak. To get the best benefits from this pose, the person must be positioned flat on the floor with hands crossed behind the head. Further, the hips should be in the upward position.

Forward Bend Pose

The forward bend pose is one of the yoga asanas that increases the ability of blood circulation. This is a beautiful thing, as maintaining good blood circulation is essential for our body’s overall health. If blood circulation is good, our heart will pump more blood into the muscles, which helps increase the overall strength. Apart from this, it also stimulates the nervous system and makes the person relax. Thus, this pose is good for improving the mental stability and the overall health of a person.

Other Types Of Yoga Asanas

There are many other types of yoga asanas, which strengthen the major muscle groups of the body. However, the ones mentioned above are very effective in improving overall health, along with mental stability. However, the choice of asana depends on individual preference. It is better that you perform yoga exercises under the guidance of an experienced instructor to get the best possible results. Suppose you want to know more about the specific asana types that can improve your physical and mental health. In that case, you can refer to the various yoga asanas guides available on the internet.

Bhastrika Yoga Asana

Bhastrika Yoga Asana is one of the types of yoga asanas that improve not only physical health but also positive effects on the person’s mental state. Like all other yoga poses, this one also increases the overall blood circulation in the body. This is an excellent way to reduce high blood pressure. Further, regular practice of this asana improves the digestion process and increases the immunity levels of the body. People who have diabetes also prefer to do pranayama asana, as this improves the overall functioning of the pancreas.

The Last One

Atsushi yoga posture is another of the several types of yoga asanas that help relieve back pain and headaches. This yoga pose is suitable for people who have back trouble but don’t want to undergo major surgery. A good yoga instructor can help you learn the correct positions of this pose, which helps relieve stress and relax the muscles of the back. This posture is so soothing that it can be performed even by beginners.

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