These Kundalini Yoga Poses Gifts Calmness To Your Soul

kundalini yoga poses

Do you know about kundalini yoga poses? Well, kundalini yoga poses include drishti (eye glaring), asanas (yoga poses), pranayam (breath), plus mudras that are all intermingled and have a connection with a greater consciousness.

When you practice these yoga poses together, we know them as Kundalini Kriyas.

Kriyas are a set of movements, breath patterns, and postures that when performed in sequence leads your body and mind to a desired outcome.

Exercises of conscious breathing or pranayama are initially practiced to connect the breath (spirit), body, and mind.

Different pranayama comprises various effects and when these poses are combined with the movements, they are helpful in creating a great chemical change in one’s body.

Drishti: Drishti is about setting your gaze at the time of physical practice. You can use it for deepening your awareness and focus.

You can incorporate mantras within your body via sound vibrations and sound therapy.

We use repetitive movements and asana for erasing tension from your body. Also, these techniques are used for transferring energy that circulates your body and offer strength, release, and stretch to your body.

The hand gestures or the mudras you can incorporate in your daily routine. These mudras are energy seals that use electrical polarities in the hands and fingers.

These kundalini yoga poses and kriyas will focus and clear your mind and bring perfect balance to the body. These poses improve and strengthen our nervous system.

So now have a look at some Kundalini yoga poses and kriyas:

1. Breath of Fire: Kundalini Yoga Poses

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Breath of Fire is a detoxifying and powerful pranayama technique that energies and heats your body, exhaling and inhaling through your nostril.

It’s a yoga pose that oxygenates blood, detoxifies the body, plus strengthens the solar plexus chakra of your body. It’s a chakra that depicts your determination and willpower.

2. Ego Eradicator: Kundalini Yoga Poses

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Ego eradicator is an efficient exercise that cleanses and strengthens your lungs. Also, you can perform this pose with thumbs pointing up and opening your heart.

Such a pose balances your brain and contributes mental clarity and erases negativity from the mind.

3. Spinal Flexes (Seated Cat Cow Pose)

When you have a stiff spine, it can disturb the smooth flow of spinal fluid. Thus, spinal flexes exercise helps in balancing the spinal fluid, plus it offers excellent results to the digestive system.

4. Sufi Grind Pose: Kundalini Yoga Poses

Sufi Grind Poses balances your thoracic or mid spine.

5. Shoulder Twist

Shoulder twist is a practice that you perform to ease your stiffness around shoulders, upper back, plus neck. It also eases cervical spine pain and tension.

7. Archer Pose

It is a posture that is amazing for enhancing your determination, willpower, plus clarity of desire.

Moreover, it also strengthens your core, shoulders, hips, and quadriceps.

Conclusion on Kundalini Yoga Poses

Do try these kundalini yoga poses and see the unseen wonderful change within you.

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