Top 5 and Easiest Yoga Poses For Beginners To Stay Fit And Healthy

yoga poses for beginners

In such a crucial and hectic schedule throughout the day, you should take care of the health. Good health give positive energy to the body, and hence the efficiency of the work we do gradually increases. The metabolism of the body changes once you cross 40 years of age. Therefore it becomes essential to put good health first.

Yoga helps a lot to maintain the energy of the body and improves the efficiency of daily activities. Initially, you may find a problem to start with Yoga for few days. But practice makes the man perfect. Below few tips and yoga poses shall help you develop the ideal body for yourself.

Mountain Pose

a woman meditating

It’s not at all difficult as it sounds here. This Pose requires the movement of the upper part of the body only, while the lower portion remains firm on the ground without any action.

  1. Stand upright with the toes barely touching and heels apart.
  2. Keep all the toes right active and feel how those are engaged with your legs.
  3. Now focus on the upper part of the body. Roll up your shoulder and rerelease them. Ensure there is no movement done for the neck.
  4. After taking a deep breath and ensure continuing this exercise for 5 minutes.

Plank Pose

a woman meditating

All the body parts are equally involved in this. This makes all the muscles active in your body.

  1. Bend your body in forward direction and put your hands flat on the floor. Bend legs as much as essential.
  2. Once you are ready, step back with one leg at a time and then with the other. Makes sure the legs are not much bent, and they are parallel.
  3. Stretch yourself, hands flat and pressure on the floor, and focus on the spine as much as you can.

Downward-Facing Dog

This helps to improve the digestion of the body. Moreover, it also works on the headache and the functioning of the nervous system of the body.

  1. You are already aware of the Plank pose. Get into the plank pose first and push your hands. Now inhale and lift your hips.
  2. Ensure your legs are straight and not bent. This leaves some space between the floor and the heels. It’s not a matter of worrying. This will help you to stretch more and makes the muscles active.
  3. This is very easy to perform and needs the involvement of all the parts of the body. And this helps a lot to improve the immune system of the body as well.


Initially, you may find it challenging to perform the yoga pose initially, but lately, you enjoy it up to a great extent. The effects and benefits of Yoga may take some weeks to show up, but this is undoubtedly beneficial. As you move forward, your body turns more flexible to perform all the poses and perform various types of yoga poses. But initially, you need to start from zero to perform well lately.

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