Two Persons Yoga Poses That You Can Try

two person yoga poses

Today is the age of fitness, and it is very important to keep your body fit and fine because it is the machinery on which our life runs. It is very important to prevent this machinery from rust to function efficiently regularly. People like to do different fitness activities to keep their bodies fit. Some people like to do running, some like lifting weights, and some like to do yoga. When it comes to the most ancient way of keeping our body fit, yoga is the best option one can have in his life.

Further, you can perform yoga in a couple of poses too. There are many different poses of yoga that need a companion to be performed. These yoga poses create a bond between two people and also make it stronger. These poses help both persons in performing these poses more efficiently and accurately. These poses are:

Seated Cat-Cow:

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It is the best pose for couples who want to stretch their hips, back, and chest. It is one of the comfortable poses, which you can perform with your partner. It is very easy to perform in which you have to sit cross-legged to your partner and hold one another’s arms in their hands. Find equal resistance between you and your partner, and both draw your shoulders back and down. Now let’s start to inhale and exhale the breaths and now lift both your heads pushing out your chests simultaneously. Essentially this is the cow pose but in seated form. When you breathe out, now it is the time for both of you to tuck in your chin to your chest and round out your upper back. It is time to Look forward towards your belly button to keep your back rounded and ensure there is a stretch in your shoulder blades. 

Chair Pose:

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It is one of the best poses to strengthen your quads and also to improve your posture problems. So many people have posture problems nowadays, it is very important to improve posture problems because it can lead to many diseases, which are dangerous for you. It is performed when you stand in a back-to-back position with your partner with your feet hip-width apart and then slowly walk out your feet a little and lean into your partner’s back for support. Now slowly squat down to a chair pose and hold the position with your arms crossed to each other in your back. Hold this pose for a few breaths, and then slowly come back up and walk your feet in.


It is essential and important to perform yoga poses with your partner, as it will keep you both fit and fine and increase the bonding between the couple, and they can understand each other in a better way. In addition, it will help them live their life more peacefully. So do try out these yoga poses and lead your life to healthy living. 

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