Unveiling Nydia’s Yoga Therapy

nydia's yoga therapy

With a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in science, Nydia is reaching heights using Nydia’s Yoga Therapy. A physical therapeutic, with a license of practising physical therapy, Nydia is time and proving the importance of yoga therapy. Nydia’s Yoga Therapy is influenced by the Lifestyle of Eight Limbed Ashtanga’s practice, which is presented by Patanjali in the sutras of yoga. Yoga therapy is influenced by Iyengar, ashtanga, and hatha yoga along with movement experience, physical as well as fitness therapy, and work of breathing. The basic motive behind Nydia’s Yoga Therapy is to expand the function of an individual and improve the quality of their lifestyle.

About Nydia And How Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Started

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Nydia was extremely active physically in her ‘20s and used to teach high impact workout exercises to various people. Later on, when she discovered that numerous people were highly interested in her work, she started reading more deeply about it. Earlier she had no intentions of teaching yoga, but when she read about everything, she started to break down every posture into her version. She then started teaching people how to discover their postures.

Brief Insight On Nydia’s Yoga Therapy

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Nydia’s Yoga Therapy is an extraordinary method and approach to the lifestyle that fuses rehabilitation of neuromuscular and fitness with modern therapy and ancient Hatha yoga practice from the East. The practise takes into consideration the person as a “whole” and lays focus on addressing every person’s extremely unique abilities and history. This allows them to be at peace whenever they experience any drawbacks while presenting themselves. The main highlight of this practice is to empower those who feel little of themselves and for those who abide+ from chronic muscular pain. It empowers those who wish to avoid any such kind of suffering in the coming future. This practice aims at strengthening the individual’s body functions by releasing all the muscular pain. It teaches those who are learning by choice and are focused to know more about their bodily functions. It reduces fear and empowers them by informing them about the art of taking good care of their entire body.

Using Nydia’s Yoga Therapy, she removes the misconceptions that people carry around with themselves regarding yoga by promoting effective as well as safety instructions of yoga and teaches the practices that lay focus on awareness revolving around breathing. Proper usage of techniques and a balanced alignment of the spine and joints is also taught under Nydia’s Yoga Therapy. It offers practices that can be performed by individuals alone and in groups as well. This therapy has the power of positively influencing people and changing their lives for good.


Nydia’s Yoga Therapy has the power of changing people’s negative thoughts into positive, which in itself is a huge achievement. It helps people in various spheres of life. Physical therapy plays an integral role in the lives of people living in this fast-moving era.

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