Vinyasa Yoga Benefits For Beginners

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Do you know about Vinyasa yoga benefits? Yoga and asana have always been a great way to rejuvenate the body and stay fitter since ancient times. This fitness has been an art in the Vedic ages in India. Vinyasa yoga – a modernized version of the old and conventional method. It is sometimes referred to as power yoga though both of these are different. Its true synchronization is mesmerizing, euphoric and relaxing.

Vinyasa Yoga Benefits For Beginners
Vinyasa Yoga Benefits For Beginners

The Sanskrit word vinyasa means “vin,” which means variation and Nyasa that means “within prescribed parameters.” In short, the postures and methods of this yoga have several changes that have a free-flowing approach and hence called by this name. This post share several interesting facts about this specific fitness technique and its benefits.

Vinyasa Yoga Benefits – What Are The Features?

Several functions can characterize vinyasa yoga. They are:

  • The breathing connects the series of postures in vinyasa yoga.
  • There are several transition postures in between the poses, and they are equally essential to maximize the benefit of this yoga.
  • This Sanskrit word is synonymous with movement, and according to the concept of this yoga, even stillness is a form of vinyasa. Our heartbeat and breathing represent the same.
  • The breathing influences the movement in this form of yoga. Hence, it is known as the “breathing synchronized yoga.”

Ujjai Breathing Technique

  • We perform this yoga on the basis of Ujjai breathing technique. You have to do it by inhaling and exhaling systematically through the nose. The whole relax while you perform the technique.
  • The generation of heat while practicing vinyasa adds a cardiovascular component absent in other yoga forms.
  • It helps to build your strength, flexibility, and even more control over your movements by practicing slower and rhythmic movements. Hence, eventually, you learn a life-long and sustainable practice.
  • The vinyasa yoga is a complete form of this fitness practice and concentrates on your entire body in a single session, unlike the other ways of asana that you can practice.
Vinyasa Yoga Benefits For Beginners
Vinyasa Yoga Benefits For Beginners

Vinyasa Flow:

This term denotes the rhythmic flow of this asana. It can induce a state of “flow”, which affects the psychology as well. The person practicing this yoga with perfection can attain an almost spiritual and very calm temperament. The entire flow of this asana is circular. It means, if you start with tadasana, the whole session will come to an end with the same yoga posture. The yoga is about proper harmony and balance in your body and mind.

What Is The Foundation Of Vinyasa Yoga?

Well, this particular three based tier yoga is based on 3 crucial components:

  • Continuous flow and movement
  • Ujjai breath
  • Bandhas

Practicing vinyasa yoga and perfecting it can take years. When you have a clear conception about its benefits and what makes it so sufficient for the body, you will appreciate its effect on your body. Fitness is the best way to retain your health and youth for the future. If you have a passion to learn more about asanas, stay connected with us!

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