Yoga Book Holders – A Must For All Yoga Students

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A yoga book holder and strap are some of the most basic yoga book accessories that you will need to start out with. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, making it easy for you to find the ones that are right for you. The type of holder or strap you choose will depend on several factors such as the amount of space you have, the thickness of your yoga books, and the types of exercises you are doing. You can also use these holders to store additional books or DVDs that you may want to use for practicing certain yoga positions.

Types Of Yoga Book Holders

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There are several types of yoga book holders available. One of the most common is the simple holder that sits on top of a table or surface. This type usually has a hole in the top corner so that your yoga book can be pulled snugly into place. These holders come in a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, fabric, and even mesh. They are designed to keep light from leaking out of your yoga book, which is important if you often perform poses in a dimly lit room. A thick cloth or leather book holder is probably best for individuals who plan on performing yoga in a well-lit room.

Another type of yoga book holder is one that hangs from a belt loop. These come in a variety of styles including those with back straps or those that are designed to go over pants or shorts without coming off. They are usually made from a thick cord or webbing material, making it extremely comfortable to wear. They don’t offer as much protection to your yoga book as a stand holder does, but they can still be a useful accessory.

Comes With Different Designs

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Many book holders are specially made to go inside bags or pouches. These come with dividers made of plastic or mesh to keep your book safe while you carry it around. There are also pockets designed to accommodate various sizes of books. These pockets usually open and close using magnets, allowing you to put your yoga mat in the pocket and use the magnets to keep the book closed while traveling. They can be extremely convenient, especially when traveling on a plane.

Book holders are an important accessory for people who practice yoga on a regular basis. They can be found at most drug stores and sporting goods stores. In general, they are fairly inexpensive. Many are under $25 and can be bought to go with just about any yoga kit. They come in many different styles, including those made to go inside briefcases and bags.

Popular Type Of Yoga Book Holders

One of the most popular styles is the magnetic type. These book holders work by emitting a magnetic field that attracts the metal of your bag or case. As your bag or case is carried, the magnetic field pulls the item to it. Because there is no sharp edge, these holders to minimize the chance of cuts or other injury to the user.

Many different styles and designs can be found on the market today. Some of them are quite fancy, featuring several different patterns and colors. Others are more simple, with the basic holder and strap being the most common design. There are holders that are made out of wood, which make an attractive addition to any yoga kit.


For people who practice yoga on a regular basis, they need to have a yoga book holder on hand. As a yoga instructor, you know firsthand how important this item is. This keeps your studio supplies from getting scattered all over the place, not to mention the safety concerns that can be raised if something does happen to the holders. No one wants to get hurt while practicing yoga, so always keep a few holders on hand.

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