Yoga Mats and Accessories- A Must-Have List

yoga mats and accessories

When you’re starting or maintaining your practice, there’s a lot to consider. Perhaps you’re debating which sort of yoga class to take, who will be your next instructor, or whether or not you should attend instructor training. Another thing that comes to mind is Yoga Mats and Accessories. Read this article before you become overwhelmed. We dissect accessories to help you figure out which ones you’ll need.

Towel For Yoga

Mats can become soiled and worn out over time. Towels come in this situation. A full-length towel can extend the life of your mat while also improving hygiene. Towels create a machine-washable barrier that is both convenient and clean. If you use studio-provided yoga mats, they’ll act as a barrier between you and any potential funk.

Blocks And Straps

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Whether it’s your first or hundredth lesson, getting appropriate alignment is critical. Straps and blocks assist persons with restricted flexibility in better aligning themselves. Many studios have these on hand, allowing you to try them out before investing on your own. Instructors will show you how to utilize them so you can practice poses at home more successfully. Blocks are great supports for increasing strength and allowing us to go deeper into poses.

Wrist And Knee Pads For Yoga

If you’ve done yoga for a while, you’re probably aware of how taxing it can be on your joints, mainly your elbows, hands, wrists, shoulders, and knees. These pads are made to provide a nice cushion for your joints, so you won’t have to worry about these pains any longer.

Slings and Bags

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Are you on your way to class? It’s less stressful not having to worry about your mat unrolling or getting wet in the weather. A yoga bag or sling allows you to go to class hands-free, keeping your hands free to ride your bike or drink your latte. Towels, accessories, and a change of clothes can all be stored in some bags.

Mat Wash

Washes are explicitly designed for mats and remove microorganisms without dissolving the outer layer of your map. They’ll also have fresh scents, so you’ll be able to experience a pleasant aroma. Finally, they’ll help your mat last longer.

Hand Towel

A hand towel is essential if you’re going into a sweaty exercise like hot yoga or power yoga. If you’re just getting started, a bathroom or kitchen towel will suffice. If you find that these aren’t cutting it, you’ll need a yoga-specific hand towel. They’re more absorbent and packable, allowing you to maximize the space in your yoga bag.


Blankets, like straps and blocks, are a terrific tool to aid in getting the proper alignment. To align your body into the correct seated posture at the start of class, roll or fold one and place it beneath your hips. Finally, curl up beneath it for savasana.


Yoga Mats and Accessories are being used for more than simply class by many people. Yoga gear featuring pockets, a variety of colors and designs, and mesh cutouts are standard. Remember that if you’re going to a regular yoga session, you’ll want to make sure that the clothes you’re wearing are genuinely functional. Before you buy your clothes, try practicing some Sun Salutations at the store.

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