Yoga – Most Suitable For Seniors

Yoga – Best Suitable For Seniors

Yoga is a conscious practice to relieve the problems of unhappiness, restlessness, and emotional upset, hyperactivity, etc. It is the continued practice of both body and mind originated from India some 5,000 years ago. It primarily deals with various physical posture, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. This process focuses on physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional well being in a balanced and integrated function to beat challenges of today’s fast-paced life.

Yoga – Best Suitable For Seniors
Yoga – Best Suitable For Seniors

Benefits of Yoga 

It is widespread among seniors with life-threatening diseases and carries many challenges as their age advances. People suffer from stiffness at their joints, cardiovascular disease, imbalance of sugar level in their blood, impaired vision, and other old-ages physical limitations. But positively, all such conditions and difficulties can be solved or reduced by incorporating an exercise practice in their day to day life. Below are some of the benefits of exercise practices for senior citizens.

Improves Balance And Stability Doing Yoga

Exercises for the improvement of back posture stability. Further, this helps to balance and lower the risk of trips and falls, which often lead to serious injury in older adults. A gentle stretching, strength training, overall awareness of posture, and also fasten stride impose flexibility in their legs and single stance.

Yoga Improves Flexibility And Joint Health

The regular gentle practice of exercise pose improves fluid circulation, makes muscles stronger that binds with the bones at their joints. Stretching exercise, in general, helps improve range of motion and helps flexibility.

Yoga Reduces High Blood Pressure

It reduces the blood pressure as this increases the flow of blood through meditation and this helps a lot reducing the blood pressure.

Yoga Reduces Anxiety and Depression 

Furthermore, yoga helps in producing a chemical that uplifts one’s mode, which helps play a vital role in the treatment of anxiety and depression and helps us in gaining peace of mind. It also increases heart rate variability(HRV) by increasing the relaxation response over the important at monitoring stress and anxiety.

Encourage Mindfulness

Yoga – Best Suitable For Seniors
Yoga – Best Suitable For Seniors

Mindfulness yoga is a safe and acceptable intervention to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of older adults in general. This promotes calmness, being non-judgemental, letting go, and seizing the day.

Types of Senior Exercise

There is a variety of yoga posture, which can be performed by any group of seniors at any age. Yoga pose such as mountain pose, butterfly pose, child pose, corpse pose, restorative yoga pose, gentle backbends pose, and many more.

Things To Keep On Mind While Performing Exercise

Never do yoga when you are just so full and can’t even move your stomach. That means never try to do it right after your meals.

Using a non-slip mat is very effective while performing any kind of yoga posture anywhere. Do it in the early morning or the evening when there is a peaceful and restful environment.

If possible, try to warm up yourself before performing any pose as it helps fluid your muscles for any stretches.

Do not wear contact lenses or any other accessories like goggles, or any heavy hanging eating, etc. Wear what is comfortable for you such that you can freely move in your clothes.

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