Yoga Personality Types You Are Sure To Notice In A Yoga Studio

yoga personality types

The popularity of yoga has almost doubled in the past ten years thus bringing in a whole lot of new people into the studios and making the lives of the daily practitioners somewhat tough. In this article, we have compiled a list of the different yoga personality types that you are sure to notice in a yoga studio nowadays.

The Yoga Strutter

Oh! The mister or missus ‘know it all’! They walk in like they own the studio, halfway through your ‘Om’ with their iPhones in their hands and texting so fast like they’re super busy and probably the busiest person in the world! Not just that, they’ll try to attempt the most difficult positions first like they ‘know it all’ and fail miserably but then show off that they did the pose in just the perfect way.

The Sweat Bucket

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If you know you sweat a lot then you should carry a towel with yourself. But these guys will never do so, thus making the trainer and the ones practicing with them uncomfortable. Yes, we know, that you can’t control your sweat but that does not mean you need to make your trainer uncomfortable, right? He or she might need to touch you to correct your posture or to flatten your back. When you have a towel alongside you, they can lay the towel on you and correct you or wipe their hand after they are done.

The Zen Yogi

The ones who have just traveled back from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Morocco etc., and are a fixture in most classrooms. They always have their Thai yoga pants on, their heads freshly shaved and a fresh new tattoo shining on their backs or arms or maybe on their legs. But however they might look, they are generally a ball of positive energy and are there because they love the atmosphere. They might not be able to do all the postures correctly or turn out to be the best, but whatever they do, they’ll surely do it with all their heart.

The Teacher’s Pet

Yes, you will find them in yoga studios too! They are there to praise whatever the teacher does and are always roaming after them for even the smallest of the things. The only good part here is that unlike the ones you’ve come across at school, they will not irritate you to the fullest and you might even turn out having a nice and fun time with them!

Wrapping Up

It is a given fact that we are sure to come across a lot of people in our lives wherever we go. It is also our responsibility to absorb the best from any situation that we come across and move forward with it. So, if you find someone irritating at the yoga studio, just ‘om’ your way to peace!

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