Yoga Poses For Constipation And To Keep Bowel Moment Healthy

yoga poses for constipation

Yoga refers to an Indian practice of controlling the breath, body postures, meditating, and focusing on the human body spiritually and mentally. Yoga has created a huge positive and healthy evolution and has helped thousands to grow mentally and physically. The postures relax the muscles of the abdomen and create a path for bowel movement. If you would like to know more about the process that can help you, check out here.

How Yoga Helps People?

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The ancient Indian practice is known to generate flexibility in the body muscles, helps in weight reduction, facilitates cardiovascular circulation, and clears the respiratory system of our body. Constipation is an issue faced by a large group of people, especially in people who are aged. It is a condition where the stool is hard, dry, lumpy, and difficult, and painful to pass through the excretory system. Yoga can prove to be advantageous to cure the problem of Constipation.

Yoga Poses To Cure Constipation

Cobra Pose: It requires the person to lie flat on the stomach, place the arms on the floor, and point the toes outwards. The person is required to lift the upper body with the help of the shoulder and stretch the back body outwards. People doing this exercise are required to maintain the breathing cycle at all intervals of time.

Supine Twist: In this posture, the person is required to lie on the back with legs stretched towards the chest. The posture requires the person to stretch the right and left leg alternatively towards the chest with constant control of breathing.

The Bow Pose: In this posture, the person is required to lie down on the stomach, bend the knees, and hold the ankles slightly by raising the chest from the floor. This pose is helpful in curing digestive problems and gas. It reduces the stress between the ankles and legs while putting pressure on the stomach.

Crescent Lunge Twist: This yoga pose requires the person to twist the torso by Bending towards the right leg and thereafter towards the left leg. In this posture, the person is required to maintain the arms in the prayer position.

Thunderbolt Pose: It is required that the person sits on the yoga mat with the help of knees and keeping the back straight while the legs lie on the thighs. This posture puts pressure on the abdomen and facilitates bowel movement.

Maturation Asana posture: It is a pose where a person is required to balance the body with the help of his hand. The person is required to balance the body horizontally with the help of arms. This pose is also called the Peacock pose and is found to be effective in curing Piles and Type 1 Diabetes. It provides energy to the stomach, intestine, and liver and stimulates the lungs to control and maintain blood pressure.


To ease the bowel movement, Yoga posture has proved to be effective and obliging. They not only expand the flexibility of the muscles but also create mental stability.

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