Yoga Poses For Kids – 2 Easy Yoga Moves for Kids That Will Build Strength

yoga poses for kids

Teaching yoga for kids has got to be no different from teaching adults. It’s still all about using various yoga poses, slowing down the breathing, and focusing the mind on the present. And with children, it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of creativity and use lots of imagination. Here are some poses for kids that I think are great fun and easy to do:

Some Fast And Easy Yoga Poses

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o Standing forward, bend over and place both hands on the ground a bit forward from your body as if you are about to sit and focus your mind on one side, starting at the feet. Instead of inhaling, exhale. Try to stay balanced on your feet and exhale on the inhale. This one of the yoga poses for kids is excellent for children to practice as they get more used to the poses and slowly start taking deeper breaths.

o Child’s Yoga with thumbs to knees. Sit straight and place your hands on the ground with your thumbs facing up in front of you. Place your arms on your sides and place your hands on your knees. Relax in this pose.

o Child’s Yoga with palms facing each other. This one of the basic yoga poses for kids can be easily practiced without any props. Just lean back against a wall or a couch with your knees bent and rest your palms on the floor. The key is to keep your shoulders loose as you bring your hands closer together and your head lower as you inhale.

o One foot stand. This one of the yoga poses for kids is not for beginners, but it’s one of the better ones to start with. Stand straight with one foot in front of the other and hold onto both the front of the feet. With your arms hanging down, just bend your knees and let your upper body hang until you feel the stretch in your lower body.

o One-legged forward bend. For this yoga pose, your child needs to lie on the floor, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep one leg in the air and the other straight while raising your other one out beside you. Make sure that your body weight is on your raised leg and avoid putting too much pressure on one side. This is one of the easier poses that kids can do and you’ll know that they’re ready when they’re smiling and showing their one-side.

How They Can Help Kids?

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Yoga can help your kids to relax and relieve stress. But before you start practicing yoga poses for kids, you must first be sure that your kids are physically fit and don’t suffer from any medical conditions that could hinder their performance. Also, practice yoga in a warm room because your kids will need to take deeper breaths when they’re warmed up. Take deep breaths when your kids feel tightness in their chest or when they’re dizzy.

One of the best yoga poses for kids that I have seen is the mountain pose. The mountain pose is ideal for kids who love to climb and are generally afraid of heights. To perform the mountain pose, your kid will need to lie flat on his or her back with both knees bent and hands resting behind the head. Then, slowly lower yourself down until you’re sitting on the floor with only your elbows resting on the floor. Your kids will need to inhale deeply and exhale slowly while continuing to bend the knees and keep the body straight.

Another one of my favorite yoga poses for kids is the cross-legged forward bend. This pose is great for kids because it helps them strengthen their hamstrings, quads, and calf muscles. To do the cross-legged forward bend, your kid will need to lie down with the bottom of the buttocks touching the floor. He or she will then raise his or her legs over the head and slowly bend the knees, raising the body up by at least two feet off the floor.

In The End

There are many more yoga poses for kids that I could write about, but I would urge you to try these two simple yoga poses for kids. These yoga poses are great to help your child strengthen his or her core muscles and allow him or her to develop grace and balance as well as improve muscle tone. So look your child in the eye and tell him or her to try these yoga poses for kids.

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