Yoga Pranayama Types – How To Perform Yoga Peacefully

yoga pranayama types

Yoga is something that makes the mind and body positive and healthy. Pranayama is a very crucial aspect of yoga and here are some types to make your body and mind pure. Pranayama is known to be the most crucial aspect of yoga. This practice of yoga type mainly focuses on regulating and controlling of breathe through specific techniques and exercises of breathing. The word ‘prana’ is a Sanskrit word that means life force and ‘ayama’ means stretching. Now on whole, pranayama means to control the life force which is essentially what breath is actually is about. Here are the Yoga Pranayama Types you should know.

Yoga Pranayama Types – Stages Of Pranayama

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There are three stages of pranayama which are puraka, rechaka, and kumbhaka. These stages are explained as follows.

Puraka -The controlling process of inhalation, through the nostrils is known as puraka. It mainly involves the intake of life energy.

Rechaka -The process of exhalation is known as rechaka. It is generally referred to form of yogic breathing in which the exhalation is lengthened, with inhalation remains free.

Kumbakha – The holding of breathing both inside and outside of the body is known as kumbhaka. It is the retention of breathing in the hatha yoga practice of pranayama.

Yoga Pranayama Types – Benefits Of Pranayama

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The pranayama comes with all the positive benefits of body and soul. Pranayama improves lung capacity. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps in the reduction of cholesterol and stress. It also helps in increasing alertness and also benefits the sinus issues.

Yoga Pranayama Types – Exercises Of Pranayama

There are many types of pranayama. The dirga pranayama means three-part breathing. It mainly teaches the body how to effectively fill and empty up lungs. The nadi shodhana is a hatha yoga practice that purifies the channels of energy in the body. The one side nostril is blocked by switching up and the breathing process is done. The ujjayi pranayama is a technique to calm the nervous system by boosting oxygen consumption. The simhanasa pranayama talks about the revelation of tension and stress in the body through stretching your entire face and give flow through breathe.

Use Good Outfits

Yoga pants enable you to perform various yoga positions with utmost ease. They are the best things to wear while practicing yoga as they are light and weightless and most comfortable. Yoga pants are generally made for moves that take a lot in the flexibility criteria. From sports, physical exercises to martial arts, this has been a boon everywhere. When it comes to yoga, this is a must. So, choosing quality and flexible yoga pants will help you much better than you have calculated it to. This enhances your moves and the moves are freely done, your flexibility increases, eventually.


It is very important for a person to relieve stress and tensions of the body. It is very important to practice pranayama every day for individuals to let come up with purity and positivity in the body.

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