Yoga Therapy Centres – An Ideal Location For Yoga Exercises

yoga therapy centre

There are many Yoga Therapy Centres spread across India. Many of these Yoga Therapy Centres are very popular. But finding one that is right for you, may not be easy. You may be wondering where exactly to look. Here are some tips that can help you find the best Yoga Therapy Centre in your area.

Anjuna Yoga Therapy Centre

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In Maharashtra, you will find the Anjuna Yoga Therapy Centre. They offer a wide variety of therapeutic services from relaxation and stress relief, to weight control and much more. The Anjuna Therapy Centre is actually a renowned brand in the Maharashtra Lever Group. This centre has been offering yoga therapy to people for close to 30 years. The unique thing about this centre is that it offers services that are completely different from all other centres.

These centers are actually meant to give a completely different kind of treatment. They make use of yoga classes that are meant to help the person relax, and at the same time help them improve their overall health. This centre has four major branches – One is located at Mumbai, the second is located in Pune, the third is located in Chennai and the fourth is located in Delhi. The Maharashtra office of the Ayush yoga therapy centre is located at Mumbai. The main aim of the centre is to treat patients who have different kinds of ailments like cardiovascular diseases, stress problems, joint and muscle problems, etc.

Why Yoga Therapy Centre

This Yoga Therapy Centre believes in promoting physical, mental, psychological, social and spiritual well being of all individuals. It believes that each individual is entitled to a perfect and rich life. Therefore, they offer a host of services that help in uplifting the standard of living. Yoga Therapy includes exercises, massages, relaxation techniques and pranayama. These are all holistic methods that work towards a common goal. They also focus on the reduction in the stress levels and promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Main Aim Of The Therapy Centre

The main aim of the Ayush yoga therapy centre is to help people stay fit and healthy by offering simple and effective techniques that help in maintaining the fitness levels of the patients. The health and fitness center at Mumbai has various centers that cater to all kinds of clients. These include patients with a host of diseases and disorders like cardiac patients, heart patients, arthritis patients, diabetic patients, cancer patients, kidney patients, musculoskeletal patients, eye patients, post-operative patients, and patients suffering from a host of chronic syndromes. Therefore, if you are looking for a centre that offers treatment methods that will help in uplifting your life and achieving a better sense of health, then you need not look any further than the centers located in Mumbai. There are various benefits of visiting these centers and that is the main reason why they are becoming very popular among a host of people.

Advantages To Go For Yoga Therapy Centre

The major advantage of visiting an Ayurvedic yoga therapy centre in Mumbai is that you will get access to a team of qualified and experienced instructors who will help you in your quest for a healthy and stress free life. The teaching techniques at such a center are unique and flexible so that the students can benefit from a one on one learning experience. You will be taught a unique blend of yoga postures and breathing techniques that will help you improve your overall health and well being. Besides, you will also learn about the importance of healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the centre will teach you various relaxation techniques and pranayama which will help you in reducing the stress levels.

A typical yoga therapy centre is equipped with a soundproof room where meditation can be done in a relaxed manner. Other amenities available at the centers include a spacious studio with comfortable seating, AC systems and a variety of equipment for yoga sessions. This enables clients to get the maximum out of their visits to an Ayurvedic centre. The sessions are designed keeping in mind the preferences of each person.


There are several centers that offer online booking options for individuals interested in undergoing yoga sessions from a yoga therapy centre in Mumbai. However, make sure to clarify beforehand whether the center is registered or not. It is also advisable to contact them for booking your session online. They will provide you the best assistance and help so that you enjoy a relaxing time while undergoing yoga therapy.

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