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yoga therapy degree

In simple terms, yoga therapy is the application of yoga asanas and practices to improve the physical and mental health conditions to promote self-care and encourage the overall well-being of an individual. Know more about Yoga Therapy Degree.

Yoga Therapy

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The term ‘yoga therapy’ was first coined by Swami Kuvalyananda. He believed that yoga therapy could bring changes to the mental and physical health of a person. He brought foreign researchers to study the benefits of yoga, and it can also be used in treating medical conditions. After this, yoga therapy became popular among all the countries worldwide, and the doctors started supporting its practice. A lot of medical professionals in recent years have started recommending yoga therapy for treating certain medical ailments. The practice of yoga therapy helps treat the unique and precise health needs of the patient with its different forms of yoga practices. These practices hold value in the yoga tradition, and medical science believes it to have certain curative effects. For example, for treating postpartum depression, also called PTSD, one can use specialized ways of regulating the nervous system through yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy Degree

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Yoga therapy has an emerging field in response to its popularity and effectiveness of yoga for healing ailments. Therefore one can get a yoga therapy degree and becomes a certified yoga therapist. A yoga therapist’s job is to heal a different kind of people through yoga practices. They attain the qualities of deep listening and practice. A yoga therapist with a proper yoga therapy degree needs to collect their client’s medical history and analyze their physical fitness level. They practice the forms of meditation and recommend dome homework for their clients to do. If one wishes to pursue yoga, they need to get a certified yoga therapy degree.

Steps To Get A Degree

Here are a few steps that would help one to get a yoga therapy degree.

Yoga teacher – To get a yoga therapy degree, one needs to become a yoga teacher. This means that one needs to finish at least 200 hours of training before becoming a yoga therapist. This helps them establish their base in yoga and its benefits.

Training: There are various training programs one needs to before getting a yoga therapy degree. One needs to complete 800 hours of therapy program from a selected institute from the International Association for Yoga Therapists’ list of courses. One can choose a program that is convenient for them. These programs have classes that balance reading some great scientific research in this field and experiencing profound meditations and yoga asanas (poses) practices.

Complete – These accredited programs for yoga therapy degrees take a minimum of two years to complete. Each course consists of some yoga-related anatomy, philosophy, biomedicine, therapeutic skills, and practice. After one finishes their program, one needs to use their acquired knowledge into practice to help the patients under the guidance of practiced yoga therapists.


Yoga as a practice is capable of treating various ailments, whether it be mental or physical. The ones that wish to acquire deeper knowledge about yoga and pursue it as a career can choose programs that provide them with a yoga therapy degree after completion.

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