Yoga Therapy For Fibromyalgia – How Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Helps Fibromyalgia

ayurvedic yoga therapy

The ancient art and science of Ayurveda are becoming more popular across North America and Europe as people are discovering that this natural practice offers a wealth of health benefits. If you do not know much about ayurvedic healing methods, don’t worry. As you read further you will begin to understand the many ways these natural practices can benefit you and your body. If you are curious about what Ayurvedic medicine has to offer, then it is time you learn how this ancient science can help you.

You Can Use This Science In Any Part Of The Body

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One of the major benefits of learning ayurvedic medicine through ayurvedic yoga is that you can use this science in any part of the body. This means there are no limitations when it comes to using this method of healing. In fact, some doctors and scientists are now starting to study the ways Ayurvedic techniques can be used in distant learning. In India, Ayurvedic doctors and scientists to conduct research in areas such as endocrinology, genetics, cell metabolism, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, asthma, pain management and even cancer. In all cases, Ayurvedic treatment modalities help to restore the body’s appropriate balance of chemicals and enzymes. For example, some scientists are researching methods that will allow Ayurvedic doctors to reduce or eliminate the destructive power of the hormone estrogen.

Can Be Traced Back To Earlier Medical Conditions

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When it comes to distant learning, Ayurvedic doctors and scientists have discovered that much of what they have been studying so far applies equally to the modern day world. In fact, they say much of the modern day ailments that are common today can be traced back to earlier medical conditions that were treated with ayurvedic remedies. This means that a visit to one of these Ayurvedic spirit studios may well cure you of a disease you may have caught cold or fever, or be the result of overexertion at work or in sports. Some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, autism, leukemia, Parkinson’s and many others are treatable through ayurvedic medicine.

An Outward Link To Prior Learning

Many of the ailments studied by modern day Ayurvedic doctors and scientists also have an outward link to prior learning. For example, diabetes is linked to prior learning that the body must not tolerate insulin, which is created in the pancreas. Prior learning that the body must not accept insulin, the immune system is weakened, and this weakness manifests itself in many ways, such as heart disease. So, by learning how to balance the body’s glucose levels through ayurvedic therapy, diabetics can be cured of their disease through herbal remedies, which in turn lowers the risk for heart disease.


The science of yoga therapy is still developing, but many of its basic concepts are known. The body, mind, and spirit are interdependent, and the three work together to create balance in our lives. We need to heal our minds and bodies from disease and injury first, before we can heal our physical bodies. But by practicing yoga, we can learn about how our minds and bodies work together, and how to put these principles into practice to help us improve our health and well being on a daily basis. This ancient art of healing may just be the key to better health for millions of people.

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